Souths & Norths

curated by Bob Faust

The Riverside Arts Center is pleased to announce Souths & Norths, a solo exhibition of works by Mauricio Forero, curated by Bob Faust. The exhibition opens on Sunday, October 20th, with an artist’s reception from 3-6pm, and runs through November 23rd.

Flag not Flag

thread on canvas, 2019.


mixed media collage, 2019.


installation, 2019.


smashed mirror installation, 2019.


mixed media installation, 2019.

Map of a Developed Country

mixed media collage, 2019.

"I wanted to be the Cowboy."

A native of South America, Mauricio Forero grew up watching American Westerns… Not until later, well into his adulthood, he realized he was on the side against his own culture.

Forero explores the ambiguous relationship of south with north — the cultural tug of war in the Western Hemisphere, and how that seeps into contemporary underdeveloped societies struggling for a voice. Central to this struggle is the immigrant — alone, in need of basic necessities, acknowledgement and understanding, regardless of origin. The paths they seek directly impact both “norths” and “souths.”


#1 weekend pick

by Bad at Sports: a weekly podcast produced in Chicago that features artists talking about art and the community that makes, reviews and critiques it. 

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